First, I am sorry for my poor and broken english!. Hello ,

I'm glad to announce the new high level programming language "HedoL".


A prominent purpose of HedoL is to provide instructions to a computer. As such, HedoL differ from most other programming languages.

Ideas behind HedoL

There is a Turkish computer site named that has so much registered Turkish users talking about computer science and programming languages. is a some kind of slashdot for Turkish computer users. Every day we read the computer science news at Fazlamesai. We Turkish youth learned almost all the programming languages from this site. They recommended lisp. We liked lisp and they recommended Haskel (in Turkish we spell it as Hassklll) when we decided to use lisp. Ok we have been persuased to use haskell as major programming language for our job. But they came us with python. We (Turkish youth) changed our decision according to Fazlamesai's powerfull propaganda.Guess what happened? Yes, we learned python. Python wasn't the last break over the road goes to Cairo.Incredible but true.Day by day this story continued like this and we learned so much programming languages.One day we asked ourself  "Should we use java for developing a web application framework?".We learned lisp,haskell,python,java,pascal,assembly,c++ etc. languages uselessly ? And we said let's develop a high level programming language that can help us. It must contain any reserved words , looping syntaxes,variable definition or object creation technics of other languages.Why not?

Why the "HedoL" name?

HedoL is short name of "Hede Hodo Programming Language". "Hede Hodo" is same thing as "Foo Bar" in Turkish language.Reason is so simple and HedoL is a so charismatic name.

So, what kind of language HedoL is?

A simple classical "Hello World" example:

# this is a single line comment.
; you can use ";" char as begining of a comment line.

import "stdio.h"                                             /* import standart c library headers by using python command.

char* main(float argc, argv: pointer)
    document.write(^hello world^);            # yes you can use javascript.Because this is "HedoL!"
    mov eax, 0                                                 //we fill eax register with zero and program terminates

As you can see syntax is very powerfull and simple . So, HedoL hasn't new control mechanisms? Here:

var foo: integer (default 0);

is foo==1 ?
                print 'foo is 1 %s\n',@foo
                print "sorry , foo is not 1 !\n may be bar !\n"
                print "you will never see this line!\n'         // as you can see we started with " and done with ' char.

I call this "Real Freedom !".

HedoL compiler or interpreter will never say errors like "Parse error". If coder person starts with { and terminates with ] , HedoL will say "Ok , let's go , master knows and decides" and will continue the parsing.If programmer uses float variable as python's tupple , Hedol will not hesitate and will compile.Because programmer will responsible of its code.

What about looping technics?


for( $i=0; i<5 and today =="sunday" }
begin                                                            // we are to long for pascal, why not?
    print fibonacci( i )                                     #;; Builtin fibonacci module.
                                                                    (* You don't have to write fibonacci function from scratch! *)
                                                                    /* Fibonacci is one of standart modules of HedoL !

If we want to use reverse loops:

rof( $i=0; i<5 today =="sunday" }
    print fibonacci( i )             

that is simply write the "for" keyword as "rof", and "while" keyword will be "elihw".

Object oriented programming

You can use any language's object definition rules for your objects.
Here is an example:

var a: class (
def __init__(self):
    virtual public private foo()     // a function maybe "private" and "public" same time.HedoL will not rasie an objection against  this.
xor eax,edx

We Fazlamesai youth have just tried to meet you with new generation high level programming language HedoL.
Programming in hedol is simple but developing HedoL itself is so difficult. If you want to contribute to develop HedoL or
you have original ideas about syntax or scehematics of HedoL, then please send an e-mail to us:  bilgi AT fazlamesai DOT net

Thank you for your interest.
Best regards.